11/15/2017 Laura Judd Excellent service! Made an appointment - when I came in there was no waiting - got me right in and did exactly what I needed done!
11/1/2017 Walter Winsby They have always treated me well at a reasonable cost.
Thank You, happy to help. - Aled Motorhome and Fleet
9/21/2017 Susan Nielsen Even though they were short staffed, they worked to figure out what was wrong with our motorhome in a very timely manner. We spent much less than we thought we would have to. Will go back again. Highly recommend.
9/14/2017 David Thomas Excellent service; very professional; worked me in even tho their schedule was tight; did more than expected ! David Thomas
9/2/2017 Robert Innes FRENDLY AND EFFICIENT MANAGEMENT AND GREAT TECHS. Always ready to help and honest cost based services. I have used them for the past years and never an issue. They are good at instruction on how to use my vehicle!! Thanks Mike.
9/1/2017 Micki Derby Thanks for the dependable action for getting my auto in compliance for a DMV requirement . Excellent, professional service .I informed the DMV of where you are located (local) along with Phone number and recommendation.
8/20/2017 Gary Arnstein Great service and communication!! ALED has earned my trust. I will be a regular customer!!
Thank you Gary, we're happy to help!! - Aled Motorhome and Fleet
8/17/2017 Leslie Tittle I was having a problem with the generator in my motorhome. Mike was very helpful when I called Aled - he had some suggestions for me to try before bringing it in. Unfortunately nothing helped so when I called he got me in very quickly. They identified the problem (blown fuse) quickly and were very accommodating when it took me a couple of days to come back in and pick up my rig.
Thank you, hope you enjoy your outings!! - Aled Motorhome and Fleet
8/2/2017 Harry Belefonte Very good service keeps appointments mechanic is ready to go soon as vehicle arrives. Follow-up has been good and the work has not required rework or fixing twice it is good the first time and this keeps all my patients happy because we will be on time also.
Thank you, happy to help!! - Aled Motorhome and Fleet
7/26/2017 Robert Innes Mike and company went out of their way to accommodate our RV with complete service in a very timely fashion. Additionally they discovered and repaired the master Headlight switch saving some problems once on the road in the coming days. Many thanks Aled!
IT WAS OUR PLEASURE, ENJOY YOUR TRIP!! - Aled Motorhome and Fleet
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