South Petaluma Motorhome and Fleet Repair

South Petaluma 60,000 Mile Service

Much like a 30k service, the 60k service is a major routine maintenance check. The technician will repeat all services performed up to this time, possibly adding a few extra services depending on your vehicle and based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. You should consider investing in a copy of your vehicle’s repair manual if you do not already own one. They are relatively cheap and well worth the cost. With the repair manual, you can see exactly what services your car manufacturer recommends, and schedule your services with a repair shop accordingly. In addition, having this knowledge helps you keep the service station honest because you know what they should and should not do.

During a 60k service check, the shop technician will do the following:

  • Perform an oil change
  • Rotate tires if needed
  • Replace the air filter if needed
  • Inspect the brake system for damage and wear
  • Check tire pressure
  • Check all fluids and top them off if needed
  • Check for leaks in all areas under the car
  • Perform a tune-up
  • Inspect all the small things around the vehicle, such as wipers, light bulbs, the horn, etc.
  • More in-depth servicing of certain parts may be required at this checkup as well:
  • Replacing transmission fluid and filter
  • Replacing brake pads and either brake rotors or brake shoes (or both depending on your vehicle)
  • Replacing tires, if they are too badly worn and unsafe
  • Replacing spark plug wires and/or spark plugs

Aled Motorhome and Fleet is an automotive repair shop that specializes in performing routine maintenance on any brand or model for Petaluma and surrounding areas. Call today to make your appointment for fast friendly service by ASE-certified technicians.

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