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South Petaluma 30,000 Mile Service

The 30k service on a vehicle greatly improves performance and extends the life of the vehicle. No matter what brand or model vehicle you own, you will benefit from having a trained professional perform this service check. Common inclusions of the 30k service are oil changes, tune-ups, fluid checks and fills, tire rotation, and brake checks. In addition, your manufacturer may recommend other specialized services. These could include suspension work, drive train checks and repair, and/or belt and hose replacement.

The 30k service is the most important one for new vehicles. This is the first time a repair shop performs major routine services on your vehicle. If skipped, the engine could suffer irreparable damage as more time passes. If you vehicle has fuel injection, it is likely the technician will clear the injectors, increasing gas efficiency and reducing sputtering.

Tire rotation and alignment is important for preserving your tire tread and making sure the wheels do not fall off while you are driving. The toe, camber, and caster settings are a few things the technician can adjust to give you a much smoother ride. Since not all services will be necessary, any reputable automobile repair shop will discuss the significance of these services before performing them. It should always be your choice as to whether you want to spend extra money on labor or not.

The 30k service is a very important part of routine maintenance in new vehicles, and only certified technicians should perform this service. Aled Motorhome and Fleet in Petaluma performs this and all other routine services on many makes and models. Call or come in today to schedule your manufacturer-recommended service check.

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